Techno-speech By Gates- Algorithm is The Key Solution to Solve All Problems

The floor of School of Computer Science and Engineering University of Washington set on fire when Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, delivered a crunching sand provoking speech there. The Q&A session simply turned the table out. There were so many key points marketed by Bill gates. Apart from the important note that computer if applied accurately can change your life, the other key points of his speech were:

-          “Maybe I’d have been more rounded if there weren’t as many books around”.

-          “Many problems in society are just poorly designed algorithms”.

-          I like hash tables and I dislike malaria”.

-          “It’s the same hamburger”.

-          “All you’re trying to do is put stuff on your eye”.

Except these golden words, the speech he delivered was bounded with following facts and words.Gates shared his credibility and education experience. Their generation was the people who played with bits bytes, but the new generation is the one that plays with kilo and mega-bytes, storing each and every university lecture on technological devices. Past was a hurdle of saving every byte, which was “actually kind of absurd that we’re not doing that.” The advantage he highlights is “miracle availability”. In past, things were restricted and owned by elite echelon, but now it’s available and in hands of common people either.

He said education should be of the highest priority. On question of education, he said that though people are getting education and the level of literacy has reduced, yet there are so many who need education. The rate has been reduced if consider the history, but according to American dream the success we had achieved was not mark-able in education sector.

He discussed different ideas how to deliver lectures. He said problems can be overcome by algorithms and for teaching there should be an algorithm. He said computer education or mere computer teaching should be added to every elemental study, emphasizing on using computer as much as anyone can, but the hilarious thing he added was the things related to computer like database and hash tables. He said that we- an ordinary person talk about complexities that lose its effectiveness. He gave an example that the mere health bill, passed by Obama, comprises 4000 pages, making it difficult for an ordinary man to read then how would this be effective.

He said to reduce a problem, the reaction should be cyclic. He presented a model to get rid of malaria. He said confidently, “the world effort to get rid of malaria will be based on this model, which will make the solution rational.”

On question of wealth, he said that with wealth there comes freedom. He never wanted to be rich; it gives you glad feeling when you find that the hamburger has still the same old price.

On question of what would come next after big screens to laptop to smartphones. He said it seems odd now when we look back and find big screen machined that will break once throw down, but each and every thing has reduced to eye from flexible screens to adjustable size.

Tizen Project to Launch Linux-Open-Source Mobile OS


New Linux open source platform of Tizen project will provide an ease to all those who have got fear of wireless-carriers, depending on American companies products.

Tizen project is undertaken by Intel, Linux Foundation and Limo foundation. The purpose is to provide a workable open-source-platform to the users in comparison to the dominated share-holders of Smart phones and tablet products in the globe i.e. Apple’s operating system and Google’s Android.

The wireless carriers of Europe and Asia said: “this is unfair and unhealthy to depend on just two mobile platforms or precisely three if we include Microsoft’s new Window Phone refresh”- stated by IDC Research Manager, Franciso Jeronimo. This whole new project will give a great power to Tizen “because otherwise the U.S. will rule the entire phone industry”.

Jeronimo provides the reason of being afraid in an email that by using Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s new window phone, all the European operators are reliant on American companies. This is what the IDC manager said in an email on Thursday.

He added that Android makers are afraid of Google’s long term plans due its linkage with Motorola Mobility this year.

Jeronimo said, the recent linkage of Motorola with Google has totally changed the plan, carried out by the Android players. Now, Google is no more considered an alliance rather a competitor.

Entire-Extensive plan

Microsoft’s new Windows phone 7.5, termed as Mango, is providing handset sellers and wireless carriers a substitute to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. But according to Jeronimo, Microsoft still can’t compete with them because it is a closed platform; whereas aforementioned two are open-based.

First issue of Tizen is expected to be released in first phase of 2012 and preliminary devices will hit the market in the mid of this year. But it is early to say if this new open-source platform would be used by the consumers.

Tizen has planned a long term strategy for its new product; this is what IDC research manager declared. But whether it will mark its place in the market, or not, is entirely a different case.

The feature that Tizen needs to add involve appealing or user friendly applications, attracting the user’s to buy Tizen Project’s product rather to go for Apple’s iPhones or Google Android-based systems.

According to him, Tizen needs to grab the market with its initial launch of the product to become a leader in OS devices.

In need of strong developer community

Jeronimo is hopeful that Tizen will be welcomed by overseas wireless carries including Telefonica, Orange and Vodafone, SK Telecom and NIT DOCOMO in Europe, South Korea and Japan respectively. Whereas the other companies like Samsung, NEC, Access and Huawei would follow Tizen project’s too.

However, to attract more customers, Tizen is required to launch different devices at a time with different price tags; so that customers get the products worth their money.

Tizen, due to its Linux open-source platform, will tie its feet in the global community without any robust ecosystem and abundance of applications and services. But, Tizen surely can’t think to compete with Apple’s iPhones, Google Android systems, Apple’s iTunes App store and Windows new application of Microsoft either.

IDC manager said that “For any platform to succeed it needs strong developer community”. But it would become difficult, if the size of shipment is huge to attract the community.

Microsoft presents new Windows 8 with powerful feature of integration with Windows Live

Microsoft announced that new Windows 8 will directly integrate with Windows Live.

By using Microsoft Windows Live services, Windows 8 will allow the users to minimize the gap impeccably between offline and online.

On 21st September, Chris Jones- vice president for Windows Live engineering, in a blog, highlighted the main features and advantages of Windows Live and its integration in Microsoft’s new incoming OS.

From the very beginning, as soon as you browse Windows 8, it will prompt you to sign in with your Windows Live ID. After signing in, Windows 8, automatically without any instructions or note, will store your Windows profile, your settings and other important files in the cloud at the back of OS. This will provide you the ability to synchronize all those settings with Windows 8 bearing systems, you will sign in. But make sure you hold the same setting preferences all the time, when you log in from one PC to another. Microsoft is even looking to implement the same synchronization technique between mobile devices and computers, having Windows 7.

Windows 8 will integrate smoothly with Microsoft online storage site for photos and documents i.e. SkyDrive. SkyDrive is an online storage site of Microsoft to store files, documents and images. While using any document of Windows 8, locally created files or images can be saved to SkyDrive. These files can be accessed from any system and can even be shared with those people to whom you have provided privileges. Microsoft apparently will limit the storage space of SkyDrive up to 25 gigabytes for most of the files for its SkyDrive users, but provide unlimited storage space for Office documents and Photo images other than files.

This all new Operating System of Microsoft depends on MUI i.e. metro user interface in order to ease its users to share and access any kind of information independent of user’s status, whether its offline or online. When users boot into new MUI of Windows 8, it will provide an overlay of main-services such as email, calendar and contacts. The email feature of MUI connects users to their multiple accounts be it home or work. Calendar will display appointments and important schedules for not only work or home, but for friends, family and colleagues, having Windows Live accounts.

 “Microsoft’s new address book” will tie people together and keep them connected to their known ones not only from Windows Live, but from other renowned social sites like Facebook and Linkedin. The new Photo-app included in Windows 8 can help to locate and show your photos from your local systems, other systems, SkyDrive and other main services.

Microsoft Company is also looking ahead to launch new Windows Live and SkyDrive for all those developers who want to integrate these services into their applications and devices.

In their Build-conference, Microsoft unveils new features of Windows 8, allowing those who want to get and use these new features of Windows 8 download and install the developer’s preview edition.