China to Shut Down More Than 200 Million Blogs Because of Pornographic Reasons!

According to Reuters, China just took a bold step by shutting down more than 50 micro-blogs that were spreading out pornographic elements and jumbled and offensive material. This news was delivered by the State media on Monday. According to the State media, Government took this step after monitoring Internet at length.

The Xinhua news reported that these micro-blogs have been shut down for the reason that these were putting forward offensive and vulgar contents including pornographic, X-material and advertisements regarding sex. The information provided was all on prostitution along with illegal advertisements on sex-oriented drugs- a highly illegal act as reported by news agency.

These blogs are blocked after being reported by public members to the State officials who, after receiving this news, investigated it via their trusted agencies and then took an action to close these all micro-blogs, as stated by one of the State Internet information office.

The government after this incident announced their strict policy for pornographic kind of stuff. According to Government policies, no such vulgar stuff should be presented to their users, neither on Twitter nor on any other social site. As stated, these micro-blogs were used by more than two-hundred-million Chinese, which really is a fearing fact. Apart from these blogs, Government scandals and policies were also under threat and discussed on these blogs, serving live feed or platform to Chinese to chat about X factor materials, scandals and all.

This factor of pornography hit the social sites, Internet, blogs and cell phones in 2009. This was stated by Xinhua that these materials have an effect on the youth more because they are the ones who make use of the social sites and blogs more than anyone else do. This techno-stuff spreads pornography widely.

As said by the officials, Government will always take action against such materials and oppose this act of spreading pornography and vulgar contents on social sites or blogs, whenever they would be reported by public or they come to know via any source.

Except this pornographic stuff, they hint at no other material and information. This blog potency came into lime light after July incident when 40 people were killed in high bullet train accident. These bloggers roared against this unpleasant incident and raised their voice against the Government, starting a wave against Chinese Government for this ambiguous July incident.

Subsequently, Government demanded Internet companies and social sites to bring spreading toxic stuff on net to an end because it affects youth, giving rise to misconceptions in their mind against Government. They even demanded to put policies together to do away with these pornographic materials on Internet, blogs and sites where the public holds a greater access to.

Chinese Government seriously filters Internet, blocking all renowned foreign sites involving YouTube, Twitter, Facebook after seeing public x-factored stuff on Internet. The attempt was made to provide toxic free stuff to Chinese and to filter the offensive stuff out.