Android Excels Apple App Store for the first time

Approximately 500,000 Android gadgets are activated every day worldwide. This lead has excelled Android over iTunes App store sale, generated 44 percent in the second quarter of this month. Last week, Ovum firm claimed that Android is about to head iTunes and Apple products the reason being omnipresence of Android gadgets. The other reason is that, for other products like iPhone, smartphones, you need applications to download them, but android gadgets don’t need this hindrance.

The figure of second quarter is reported by Pocket Gamer. The android market leads the Apple app store and products finally, cutting the revenue to 33 percent for Apple Corporation. The other advantage is that Android has many devices to present to user, but Apple merely has iPhone and iPods, two carriers. This even requires iTunes to download and store any application.

The increasing number of Android gadgets is not a surprising deal- said by ABI research. ABI said that those Android devices are more user-friendly and open; and other devices-maker-companies should think about it, if they really want to compete with Android devices.

Many manufacturers have started to use Android. This is astonishing for some. But the thing is they are not paying to Google, but Microsoft Corporation, that owns mobile technology patents. Microsoft has signed nine licensing agreements with Android smartphones companies h along with a deal with their notable manufacturers specially Samsung-Android biggest partner and Carrier right now. Samsung is even the largest company to sell Android smartphones on the globe.

But last quarter, a complete shift towards Android because of its products, has been seen. Before the release of iPhone 4S, the profit of Apple had declined up to 9 percent in the stock market at the end of September. The rate was in decline state, dropped to around 17 million from 20 million units in the same month of last year. However, Samsung has sold 22 million to 26 million units in the same period.

However, if we talk regarding the competing skills of Apple, it’s more than Android. Apple has launched its new innovation, that is in market, hitting the record iPhone 4S. Even this corporation has launched iOS, new operating system- new version of mobile operating system. The user will surely want to grab one. This will increase app sale for Apple. Secondly, due to the deal with Sprint, three US companies AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are now selling iPhone.

Google and Samsung unveiled Galaxy Nexus smartphone along with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for its users, last week. The products, with improved technology, are being considered to compete with Apple’s gadgets. This product launching has increased the ratings for Google application download platform.

Then again, these all are the predictions- no exact facts. New Android products have made promises with its users but Apple is still striking with its new product launch. Indeed, Apple has tricks to unveil but Google will surely offer some low rates to keep the Android at top.