Next Talisman- Who Will Be the Next to Steal the IT Stage?

Talisman is an epithet given to the person in Soccer who turns the table off in the field. With him in the squad, team wins while without him it ends on defeat. In the world of technology, Steve Jobs was that talisman- who with his innovations stole the stage. With iPod, iPhone, iPad and all, he just led the technological-world from the front, making Apple the most renowned and vital company in the world of gadgets.

Steve presented the technical aura with not only innovations, but with products, design, frame and entirely new ideas. He, though, died at mere 56, yet his ideas brought revolution and no one will ever dream to get the place he held. With his death, the question now looms is: who will be the next talisman of IT world? Would that be someone like him or still the stage will wait for completely a new man? Here is the list of those determinant persons who have guts to be the new talisman of IT world after Steve Jobs.

Tim cook- the new Apple founder:

World’s headlines and news are indeed ranking him the powerful new Apple’s founder after Steve’s death. He was the closest man to Steve. He drove the company after his resign and had hands on every nuts-and-bolts of the company. Apart from him the designer Jonathan Ive, who has ranked the soul of company is even looking as new talisman of IT world.

Larry Ellison- Founder of Oracle:

Future of technology, these software enterprise guys- Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff have considered the influential persons since the enterprise software excels and are considering the future for IT world.

Bill Gates- Microsoft Founder:

Bill Gates, the richest person, has even ranked being new talisman in IT world. His vision and product even changed the world. He has got the appropriate rating in either to get this place with his ideas or wider vision.

Michael Dell- Dell Chairman:

He, the front-leader and runner of world’s largest computer company, Dell, is the affluent person and on list to be ranked as IT talisman.

Mark Zuckerberg- FB Founder:

The most influential 21st century man whose ideas, indeed, brought revolutionary twists to social networking; that is why every sensible man is ranking him the real next IT icon. And it is because of his ideas that FB has now 1 billion fans round the globe.

Evan Williams- Founder of Twitter:

He’s the CEO of the leading social-tweeting-site for last 15 years. He’s the curvature of new paradigms in IT world, the concept of tweets, blogging and all has made him a recognized man in IT, but he lacks the power to get full attention of users on their products.

Sergey Brin/Larry Page- Google’s Founder:

Google is the largest internet company with wings in all domains, holding the rank of world’s best search engine and has now jumped into the concept of social services to compete FB with its concept of Google+. The company is running by the wealthiest persons in the world. It surely is a new battle ground for Apple and Mark.

Jeff Bezos- Amazon CEO:

The cloud concept has made him the unique figure. He, though, has no such guts that Steve has had, yet his few ideas like Kindle has market the IT world, providing him the change to be the second talisman of IT.

LinkedIn Online Site About to Hit Asian Countries- Targeting Japan First

On Thursday, LinkedIn Corp launched its first ever services in Japan. The company was excelling with an attempt to widen the social network in Asian countries; hence, looking forward to gain force in Asia.

California-based-company recently established an office in capital of Japan, Tokyo, after setting up one in Singapore last May.

Japan is the vital platform for all kinds of technological business, said by Arvind Rajan- head of LinkedIn’s Asia operation. The lesson and facts learned from Japan will then be applied to rest of the countries as a good business gesture.

LinkedIn Corporation has about 120-millions of users. It has targeted Asia in 2009, strategically, English-Asian oriented markets like India and Australia.

Asian Operation Head, Arvind Rajan, informed to the Associate press in Tokyo, “as we think about the region as a whole, we see tremendous opportunities for growth”. He added that “Our penetration levels in Asia, except for those English-speaking countries, are still relatively low.”

Arvind Rajan said that, right now, we are not lurking for any kind of profit from Asian markets. We just want to excel and make ourselves strong there. The efforts are to gain the membership for Asian markets and provide the customers with satisfactory local products.

Arvind Rajan quoted that if we get a membership- an active & strong one once, offered by Asian companies. We will get advertisers for our LinkedIn Company, which is highly appreciable. And to achieve this we need to build a strong membership in Tokyo- Japan.

But the problem is that, in Asian countries, or like in Japan, the customers and users stay on one brand or company till long. It needs extensive effort to persuade the users to switch on other networks, companies or services; however, in American and European countries this is not a trend. Hence, perceptively, it is difficult to set yourself establish in Asian countries that too when some company is already working there. Job-switching trend is seemingly less as compared to West.

Keeping above hindrance in mind, LinkedIn offered some online courses for Japanese users to let them familiar, teaching them how to use the online web site. The curses are in native language. It offers not only the basic teachings, but also the professional, regarding online web connecting-to-professional-network-services.

Rajan said to reporters, “there’s a lot more education that we’re going to need to do.  Rajan further marked the company efforts, “that’s on us to really figure out how to do that.”

LinkedIn services are available in 10 languages worldwide. Apart from English, it has been launched in Romanian, Turkish and Russian. But to the reporters, Rajan ignored the answer that in which next language they are looking forward to launch it.

Launch in China is still a question to answer.

Regarding China, he said, “China is more complicated, citing many local competitors and the rapid pace of change. Our approach has always been, we’re not just going to dive in and add a language without thinking through what’s a winning strategy.”

LinkedIn has, no doubt, a decent profit this year since the U.S Google went public in 2004.

The revenue rate of the company is even on expectations and the profit has flourished as it got growth membership in August.

iCloud Future For Live Music Streaming- Yet There is a Catch

Apple has made it easy to sync your music from your iPhone or iPod across your personal computer with latest technology of iCloud- cloud computing.

People have different songs on different systems and they are, for sure, not where the people want them to be.

With iCloud, you can merge all your favorite songs on your iPod or iPhone from different servers or devices with iCloud tech and that, too, for free.

The progress was checked for Wi-Fi, 3G and services and it worked well as expected by Apple.

It would automatically suggest you to download all new iTunes or new songs from Apple’s store, but the episodes of your favorite program will be in your cloud once you tap the screen. However, this technology doesn’t work for movies because of certain license or agreement issues. Apple will avail it once they pay HBO for it.

Those who don’t have the newest gadget of iPhone 4S, can install the latest-mobile OS that will make the device compatible with PC to sync device with, but for this they should have an iPhone whether 3GS or 4. Even you should have to update your iTunes software to 10.5, which is free.

But iCloud catch is not at all a complete wireless device.

People won’t entirely catch it just because of iTunes, this too when they have options to get it download free from sites like and buy CDs or either borrow it from friends.

The catchy feature is that the iCloud will provide you the ease to match your demanded song. It will then present you with the whole list to catch your favorite song. For this all you need to have is a fast and reliable internet service. In October, this music service will be available in US.

Most people store songs on their PC other than iPhone. The iTunes matches more than 25-thousand songs that make up about 100-gigabytes. But iCloud provides you 5GB memory and that, too, for free. The up-gradation is automatic and even for free.

According to Apple, it will automatically store the most played songs on your gadget that you can later on listen on offline mode, providing you with suggestion same to the songs you like to listen.

Amazon even Google provides you with the same services that Apple devices do, like matching iTunes on Google Android systems. The only difference is that they demand you to install an extra program on your devices; so that you can upload everything on cloud you have on your devices. On the other hand, with Apple you would only install those files that Apple devices don’t have.

There are so many songs that Google won’t allow you to listen in offline-mode, even so many of P.E.P songs are not available on cloud. For these reasons, the user would run for iCloud to grab one. Amazon doesn’t allow replay streaming either- a disadvantage though!

But for every sensible person, buying CD or downloading any mp3 song, is cheaper than paying for 10 dollar for unlimited subscription/month.

Cloud indeed is a future as it has reduced the physical headaches. Yet the disadvantage is that it relies entirely on Internet. Once it goes down, the user won’t be able to access anything.

The other issue will be of playback-streaming until phones to cope with the huge demands.  And for this, surely, nothing can replace the already existing music pattern.

World’s Thinnest 4G Smartphone on Earth Unveil: Motorola Droid RAZR aka Motorola Spyder or Droid HD

Motorola has been creating iconic flip phones for 5 years and now it has introduced one of the best Android phone, Droid RAZR 4G Smartphone,  something which Smartphone fans are looking for; it’s simply incomparable to its older version of Motorola RAZR phone.

It has been unveiled on 18 October in New York by Verizon and Motorola jointly, many hours before Samsung and Google’s launch of Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus. It has potential to compete with Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4S.

Motorola was first introduced in 2003 and experienced sales of about 50 million units just within short span of three years due to its sleekness and appearance. Droid RAZR does not resemble to its older version, but holds best features list with powerful Operating System in addition to many features that other Android devices lack.

It’s Features:

Droid RAZR 4G Smartphone is the world’s sleekest phone having 7.1 millimeters width and very little weight with a dual core 1.2 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 4.3 inch touch 960 x 450 super AMOLED screen encased in Gorilla glass sheet for protection. The smartphone entails  world’s thinnest 4G LTE device for support, four capacitive touch buttons on front and a redesigned droid eye with a back case of Woven Kevlar and 8 mega pixel rear camera capable of 1080 pixel HD Video Recording, holding a feature of picture stability with front facing camera of 1280 x 720 HD resolution along with Droid X style Hump at the bottom, where it is few millimeters thick.

AMOLED screen of Droid RAZR 4G Smartphone shows lively colors and soft actions and its camera is ready for all conditions, offering image stabilization technology for less blurry videos. Its Gorilla screen protects it from any scratches and scraps and it has a shield of water repellant splash proof nanoparticles coating that protects it from water.  It has Motocast application features, connecting you with your contents virtually everywhere and anytime without uploading to any third party.

Its Security features make you feel secure as it is reliable for keeping secrets. Smartphone has unmatched battery life, estimated to have 12.5 hours talk time battery life over 3G and 8.9 hours of playback video while its CPU and RAM match with Galaxy Nexus S II and have resolution comparable to iPhone 4S.

CEO of Motorola Mobility, Sanjay Jha, said, “ to create the best Smartphone, we had to add one more thing” and this additional feature is accessible to Verizon 4G LTE network and is supposed to give leading position to Android within next six months.

Droid RAZR costs $299.99 with a 2 year Verizon contract, offering guides to get better understanding of  operations and features of device.

Motorola also offers various accessories within Droid RAZR, using it as Laptop replacement. These accessories include docks and lap dock. Phone dock option converts Droid RAZR into a Webtop desktop Interface.

Connecting with Webtop enabled accessory, Webtop application interfaces Droid RAZR on a HD or monitor TV. You can send files, texts and run programs on Firefox at the same time without any interruption.

Yahoo Turmoil- Ross Levinsohn can be the new CEO for Yahoo Inc!

In North America, the Head of Yahoo online advertising-business said that he is looking forward to bring extra profit and income to the Yahoo Inc. Ross Levinsohn said on Monday that he had tried hard and hoped that he would be the next CEO of the dominating Internet Company soon.

During the kickoff-summit of Web 2.0, Ross Levinsohn- the American leading Internet Company Vice President, made these overwhelming remarks. This summit on Web 2.0 was a three day seminar, an appealing platform for all dominating and interested Technology-executives.

The two scheduled speakers who supposed to address, cancelled their meeting and the summit just went normal rather splendid.

The reason for cancelling Mark Pincus-CEO and founder of Web Zynga Inc. meeting was that he wasn’t willing to say anything that can later on hyper, or risk their efforts and image they have made in past few months. He said that any word might hyper government officials and can risk company’s efforts. Intel Corp. CEO, Paul Otellini, health didn’t permit him to address the summit.

Ross Levinsohn presence on summit was dramatic because everyone is now-a-days anxious to hear who would be the next CEO of Yahoo after the Yahoo Inc. had dismissed Carol Bartz as CEO last month. Partly, Yahoo’s chief financial manager, Tim Morse, is running the company whereas the board is pondering over the strategic review that whether to hire a permanent CEO or to sell the company in parts or to give it in hands of CEO completely.

If the board decides to hire a permanent CEO, Ross Levinsohn will surely be a winning candidate. Ross Levinsohn has a high profile. He had run News Corp.’s online operations under the supervision of mogul Rupert Murdoch media. He even ran media investment fund. The ex-CEO of Yahoo Company, Carl Bartz, hired Levinsohn 11 months ago.

In response to a question in the summit, Ross Levinsohn answered that his entre attention is to increase the revenue and profit for Yahoo and to review the growth strategy for Yahoo at its extreme to promote it. He added that “I have an incredible job now.” “This is the best job I’ve ever had.”

On a question that whether the Company would sell Yahoo, Lavinsohn totally denied this comment. The company is though at stake, but there are so many online speculations, rumors regarding the company being sold to any buyout-firm that provides kind of economical injections to the troubled companies. A Chinese company, Alibaba-Group, has shown interest in buying Yahoo Company and has offered for $20 billion bid. Even in 2008, Microsoft Inc. had shown its interest and before withdrawal was offered about $47.5 billion bid; still, Microsoft is a possible candidate for buying Yahoo Company.

The stock market is showing the decline graph for Yahoo’s revenue. And everywhere, be it online advertisements, or social platforms, they are showing Google, Facebook, the leading revenue generating sources.      

Apart from this fiasco, Lavinsohn marked that he is “incredibly bullish” on the Company.

BlackBerry Disrupted Services- Time to Rebuild Customer’s Trust!

The three day long interrupted services of Blackberry has outraged customers at peak.

Blackberry was already on verge and now this interruption of Internet services and emails has made the millions of users frustrated.

According to a student at Michigan State University:  “I am been a pretty big blackberry advocate, but I’m done playing these games with you, BlackBerry.”

Though, she was an ardent fan of BB, but before the services were restored, she had got an iPhone.

Since Monday all the users of BlackBerry experienced disturbed email and Internet services.  The services were disrupted in Asia, Europe and Africa.

In US and Canada, though, the outage was not massive, but hit the State on Wednesday, leaving70 million people affected.

According to Jacobs, “she didn’t believe when she got zero emails when she wake up in the morning and she said, “It’s Impossible”.

The process to restore the blocked messages will take time, this is what Research In Motion Ltd said- managing traffic for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry CEO apologized for this outage and said that it will throw down the reputation of company that it has made in years.

The two CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie said that they are looking to compensate the customers, but it surely will take some time.

The company CEO Ballsillie said, “our priority right up until this moment (has been) making sure the system’s up and running”. He added, “we’re going to fully commit to win that trust back.”

It will take probably more than an excuse to win back the customers they have lost. Specially, the fiasco this disruption has created and the damage to the government client is lot more.

Blackberry is now-a-days on verge and reluctant to pay money on restoring these services. Due to this disaster now only two persons have kept this once-glistered, but totally forgotten, device in the era of Apple. One is the IT managers and other the young-tweeds of India. Even the blackberry is in hands with those of US because the services are bit better in US.

For large companies, Blackberry is still a choice in security as said by Ahmed Datoo, Vice President of Zenprise Inc., but every instance simply pushes the rank of BB downwards.

From April to June about 19 percent of smart phones that have been sold were BB whereas Google’s android devices made it 18%.

But in same month 43 % Androids have been sold and 12 percent were BB- a clear shift.  Smartphones are no longer in race with iPhones.

According to Shaw Wu, an analyst at Sterne Agee, “if someone really wanted a full touch screen experience, why would they buy that? You have much better alternatives out there.”

The threatening thing is that even the third cellular companies are upgrading their internet services and users will get all new experience while surfing.

This all started with the failure of networking routing in Europe and crashing even the backup.

Though, the services were restored, but the damage has been thru.

Such fiasco is a threat to RIM stock that closed on 1% for blackberry. Now, it’s time for BB to take serious notice and rebuild their customers’ trust.

Google About to Shutdown Buzz- Incorporating Its Features in Google+

Google is looking ahead to mute their social networking service, Buzz.

Google declared it on their Friday blog that they will soon shut-down Buzz social service in a few months.

Buzz, a 20months old social networking service, surely won’t be missed by users. Buzz was launched by Google Corporation as an attempt to compete with their massive social rival- Facebook, but all in vain. It was a platform provided by Google for online-hangout of users with rest of their friends, but it neither attracted the users nor was whole heartedly accepted by them.

Google is shutting down this service because the Corporation wants to focus attention on their entirely new service- Google plus i.e. a three-and-half months old service and is being accepted by users graciously ever since it has been launched. In a short time, it has got 30million users as per Google CEO, Larry Page. Larry said that it will be our defending weapon to treat with the threats posted by Facebook for Google, holding more than 80 million users.

In a conference while discussing Google’s third-quarter-earning, Larry page confidently said that this new social site will provide a way for Google to “weave” its earnings. Google is shutting down this service because Google is incorporating its’ all services and products in Google Plus that will be a splendid experience for users- “auto-magical”, as he declared it.

This shutting-down news seems as if the early service users or adopters are betrayed by Google.

The threat while using Buzz was that once you get registered for this service, all your Google mail private contacts would be exposed publically like emails, ex-spouse, doctors and even your work contacts, etc. Once the user gets activation, it creates a social circle that automatically exposes all the email contacts. No privacy at all, but the privacy has even been breached by Buzz that is why many users felt betrayed and quit using Buzz because it surely was prick to the social life rather than ease.

Google tried to put the security-package for its users, but it was indeed too late. They have lost their customers for breaching their trust and the users were enough fierce to adopt changes.

According to Federal Trade Commission, Google has violated its security and privacy policies, defined for its users. Google Corporation excused for its privacy lapse and said users who have lost their private data because of their fault will be paid. Google paid 8.5 million U.S dollars as compensation to Internet privacy-and-policy organization to have a law-suit for all Gmail users who really suffered from their privacy failure.

Google Vice President, Bradley Horowitz said in a Friday blog post that “Changing the world takes focus on the future, and honesty about the past”, he added that “We learned a lot from products like Buzz, and are putting that learning to work every day in our vision for products like Google Plus.”

Larry Page has closed 20 other products since he has replaced Eric being new CEO of Google Inc. Page said that this effort is to get the supremacy again, they have lost in the Internet world.

These steps seemingly paid Google, as its quarter earnings have increased the stock closed at $591.68 on Friday.

Another Blow on Online Security of Sony

Sony confirms another security breach on its online network of PlayStation when 93,000 of its customer accounts were logged in by third parties during this month.  Hackers have used a large set of IDs and Passwords to gain access to around 600,000 user accounts on PlayStation and entertainment Networks and about 33,000 of Online Entertainment Server accounts of Sony.

Sony has informed affected users through email that it is closing hacked accounts on its entertainment and online gaming networks.

This is another issue of security breach, raised this year after the massive illegal hacking attack in April. The prior massive attack affected around 100 million accounts on different networks of Sony including PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment and Qriocity networks. In response to the attack, Company compelled to freeze its PlayStation Network for a month.

Sony has said in a statement that attacks of intrusion occurred for four days from Friday to Monday, attacking around “less than one-tenth of one percent” of PlayStation, Entertainment and Online Server accounts. It added, though intruders become successful to verify IDs and Passwords, but Credit Card Information is safe and not leaked during attacks. Sony has ceased all of the affected accounts after confirmation of unauthorized attempts.  Whether these attacks were attempted by a single person or many different parties from different locations, is still not clear to Sony

Philip Reitinger, CIO of Sony, said on a Blog of PlayStation, “in this case, given that the data tested against our network consisted of sign-in ID-password pairs, and that the overwhelming majority of the pairs failed in matching attempts, it is likely the data came from another source and not from our Networks.”

Intruded accounts showed extra ordinary activity before being ceased, but information about those activities has not yet been gained and detailed. According to chief Information Security Officer, security team at Sony is still investigating the magnitude of unauthorized activities on locked accounts. Citing about what could be the extra ordinary activity, he said, "We will work with any users whom we confirm have had unauthorized purchases made to restore amounts in the PSN/SEN or SOE wallet."

Sony is informing, its affective consumers via email, about freezing of their accounts and asking them to reset their Passwords securely.

Sony has a very strong customer base as realized after previous attacking incident, when vast number of online gaming users restored their accounts back when Sony restored its Services of Online Gaming in May. 

Sony’s main objective is to deeply integrate its hardware, services and contents, claiming that despite of all those previous and new attacks of cyber hacking, Sony is still working to provide its customers with integrated services. 

This year has been difficult for Sony in terms of continuous Cyber-attacks as earlier huge attacks resulted in closing of PNS for about a month. Sony issued various apologies in Damage-control Department, promising to strengthen its security network, paying $1 million as Identity theft insurance policy and providing free access of PlayStation Plus to its affected PlayStation members for a month.

This hacking scandal compromised millions of online gamers’ personal information about their names and credit card details. It was a severe blow on the security of Sony, making the public image of Gaming Networks worse.

Though no 5 Index With it Yet iPhone 4S is Better Than iPhone 4

To some customers, Apple iPhone 4S is not a complete package they were hoping for. They were expecting iPhone with “5” index. Ridiculous!

Peripherally, iPhone 4S is identical to iPhone 4, but the functions like fast processing power, voice-activation feature, Hi-Fi camera make it entirely different from iPhone 4.

The product is available in two colors- black and white, with price tag ranging 199-399$ based on storage space. Apple has signed a two year contract regarding this product with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

If users have 3GS mobile and want to have hands-on iPhone 4S, then it surely is a great reason to grab one.

An entire new feature of iPhone 4S is Siri- a software aided feature having robotic voice that responds you, but in calm female voice.

This robotic-female can do all kinds of things; set your alarm, assist you to collaborate DJ for your songs and search websites, but not particular one.

On asking “what’s going on today”, she will respond you according to your calendar. The medium, used by this robotic-female, is English that provides you with ease to communicate in better way.

The robotic-female can also dictate things for you like your emails, messages better than any Android software device. The better way to dictate is if she knows when to give pause, but she will be able to do this only if you let her know that this is exclamation or pause, etc.

This Siri feature though can’t read each word correctly, yet beats all others, as reported in New Yorker.

On asking personal questions from Siri, she replied with mix answers. Her favorite color is somewhat greenish that she can’t pronounce well. Even she changed the subject on asking who she is seeing. This is all one can get to know once experiences with her.

Siri knows how to respond to foul language and censor it. She told you to get down to work if encounter any foul thing.

Apart from this Siri feature, 4S got 8-mega pixels camera that gives you much brighter pictures. This one is better than iPhone 4 camera that holds 5-mega pixels lens. The camera takes picture much brighter even in dim light.

The screen has even an icon for the camera. Just double tap the icon and it will lead you to take snaps easily. The camera icon is beside the lock icon on screen. The iPhone volume button does double duty; the user can catch a snap with it; finally, a physical button for camera in new iPhone 4S.

4S got high resolution video catcher device- best ever resolution feature available in consumer’s device yet.

The software iOS5 makes 4S an easier device to use.

The best feature is “iMessages”, allowing the user to send texts, photos and email that too having “unlimited text plan”.

On flipping the top of the phone, you will get a notification screen of your appointments, reminders, clock, etc.

Without having headache of plug-ins, you can get software updates in your iPhone 4S.

The advantage is that it exhibits the feature of iCloud i.e. to sync with applications. If you buy digital stuff from Apple store, it will automatically add songs, applications and other contents to your phone. But unfortunately for movies and TV programs it lacks this feature.

With Apple, dual-core-A5 processor chip makes the processing and downloading much easier. The processor is the same as in new iPad.

With the help of two antennas in 4S, the call quality has been upgraded. But at times call sounds flat.

It even entails Wi-Fi and 3G cellular features.

With dual core processor and all other features, if you will buy 4S, it will still work for you even it doesn’t have an index of 5 with it.

Good News for Facebook User’s- Wal-Mart about to Open Local Stores for FB-Fans!

Wal-Mart is looking to open a local store for its 9 million Facebook fans in winter holidays. 

Wal-Mart announced it on Tuesday that the biggest world’s merchant storehouse has an affiliation with Facebook. Where Facebook will allow the users to browse and interact with its more than 3,500 locations. The pages are designed in a way to allow users get information regarding every new product, discount and coming events. A better way of interaction with its users using the social site as a medium- using Facebook to develop a relationship with customers and shop-keepers to respond them swiftly and provide them better products by accomplishing their demands. Goal of this deal and partnership is to increase sale for Wal-Mart.

About this deal, Stephen Quinn- executive Vice President of Wal-Mart (U.S division), said that: “This allows us to make our stores relevant on a local level”. With media conference on Monday, Quinn said that “This addresses our ‘next-generation’ customers who are using a lot of social media. A national message is often not as relevant”.

According to Quinn, they are looking forward for media revolution. They started this on their Facebook fan request who wants to get information on every product via “localized messages”. The plan is to make the idea socialized to provide better facilities to fans.

The retailer store wants to provide the user with the products they like- this is what Quinn added.

The venture took place when the  Bentonville, Arkansas division stores tried to reverse its revenue that had declined last year- a step to increase the revenue stock.

“The partnership with Wal-Mart goes beyond simple local tab, this is embedding the social media phenomenon into the core of the offering” this is what Carolyn Everson- Vice President of global marketing for Facebook said. She even added that, with this offer, Wall Mart has engaged the Facebook users. Facebook due to shortage of resources is engaged with one merchandise and can’t afford else at the same time.”

Along with Wal-Mart, other retailers are also trying hard to attract customers, using Facebook power in order to increase their revenue. In April, Facebook provided the facility to the retailers to utilize their Omni-present “like” featured-button present on Facebook pages. And according to Everson this “like” feature does have a strong impact on sales of products.

Approximately, each page gets 100 million likes every day and 50 percent users follow a brand on Facebook. About 130-150 friends on Facebook are connected via 8 thousand friends- added by Carolyn.

User can get local information, regarding Wal-Mart product, on logging into www.facebook/Walmart. They can like any nearby store, facilitating the shop-keepers to display new-offers and stuff on their local-page for their customers. For instance, any product cost “this-much”, buying any shampoo will profit “this-much” and so on including discount.

But at the instant, shop-keepers will be able to get two notifications per week as soon as they sign-up. But that too on special offer- as said by Quinn.

Users, who want to have shopping on day before Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November, can download map of their nearby store to know the exact location, products, discounts, etc. Benefit is that the customer won’t run to store to get the bargain.